NZM 067 by Ruffneck & Promo – Perseverance (Never Surrender) is OUT NOW!


Perseverance. This is the superpower that only the most relentless, dedicated and passionate people in our Hardcore battlefield possess. It’s only right that it should be the title of a collaboration between two of the most undeniably passionate people in the Hardcore scene, that are both still standing tall after over 20 years of never surrendering to their competition.

Oh who are we kidding? When was there ever competition for Hardcore’s classic heroes, Ruffneck & Promo? ‘Perseverance (Never Surrender)’ is an intensely motivating track with everything you love from these two producers – an inspirational and unforgettable melody, a kick that knocks you flat on your ass the second that you press play and a bold message to let you know “a lot of y’all phony as sh*t!”. If the original mix doesn’t provoke you enough, the extended mix certainly will!

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Ruffneck | one core idea, showcased in four incredible ways!


Ruffneck has been known for many things throughout his long and successful career, but one thing has stuck out more than any other – his ability to be diverse, and produce everything from his signature ‘Artcore’ sound, to Mainstream Hardcore, to Industrial, to Early, with the addition of fusions that go far beyond the ‘norm’. With this EP, you get a taste of all the things that make this all star producer who he is today.

Available as Digital Download