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NZM 69 by Skinrush – Aftermath of Dreams is OUT NOW!


Here it is! The new Enzyme EP by Skinrush. This German duo breathes Mainstyle Hardcore. Prepare yourself for some well produced tracks.

Get it NOW on all fine digital platforms including our official Bandcamp page:

Love to stream? Play the EP in full length on our official YouTube channel, and don’t forget to follow us to be the first to hear the previews of our new releases!

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Focus on Skinrush

Hey all, we are two brothers Jan (34) and Martin (32) and we are living in the southern part of Germany. We are new Enzyme artists and we answered some interview questions. Enjoy reading!


What inspired you to make music together?

Well we came in contact with Hardcore in the mid-nineties and fell instantly in love with this style of music. Back then we wanted to make our own songs, but always asked ourselves how this music was created as we were pretty young haha.

After a few years we saw that a friend of us was working with Fast Tracker 2 to create his own music. You could say that this was the moment when inspiration hit us!

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